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Network Cable Technician

Our Approach


It’s essential that all of your systems are up to date to ensure they provide the latest features and capabilities manufacturers offer in addition to protecting against constantly evolving security risks. These updates are released regularly by manufacturers and can quickly disrupt your daily operations if they aren't deployed in a structured manner. You need your critical systems available and secured while minimizing downtime from these updates.

Are you sure your systems are being updated?

Every piece of the technology that your business uses needs to be kept up to date to protect against constantly evolving security risks. We use industry leading monitoring and management systems that keep all your systems up to date and patched to prevent this.

So much to do, where do we start?

Our first step is to investigate all of the systems that are in use in your business and discuss the criticality of each system and application so that we can build a structured update plan that keeps systems protected but doesn't conflict with time sensitive business processes.


From the outset we want to identify any delinquent updates and get those in place wherever possible as well as identify systems that cannot be updated due to lack of vendor support so that we can properly manage those aspects of your technology.


Our ultimate goal is to have a rigorous update routine for all of the hardware and software that your business uses so that we are protecting you to the best of the manufacturers ability.

Why is this so complicated?

Throughout our careers we at Summit Systems have encountered many businesses that have experienced the problems that occur when they have incompletely managed technology.  These businesses have experienced damages such as unscheduled outages, complete system restoration or even rebuilding entire networks with the worst cases resulting in the payment of ransoms, loss of data and encountering reputation damage as a result of a security breach due to systems that weren't adequately maintained.

Image by Fredy Jacob

Aging Technology?

We treat system maintenance as a foundation for everything we do for our clients.


We identify systems that are no longer capable of being updated, and report on risks during maintenance onboarding so that every issue uncovered can be rectified to make sure you don't have any surprises.

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