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Our Approach


Every day businesses are negatively impacted by security risks. In 2023 cybercrime increased over 60%. Attacks are no longer targeted, instead attackers automate the search for vulnerabilities in your technology, processes, or your people. Recovering from these attacks can be expensive and harm your reputation.

What happens if your security isn't enough?

Summit Systems designs and implements secure solutions to prevent your business from being the victim of a security incident. We recognize that people are a critical part of security strategy, so we provide ongoing security awareness training to your employees, this assists in protecting your business from mistakes that technology simply can’t protect against.

Image by Jason Dent

Turning "when" into "if"

It is essential to have security considered in all parts of your technology to ensure you have the necessary precautions in place to allow you to focus on your business, not recovery from a security event.



At Summit we have seen too many times the aftermath a business experiences when weak spots aren't resolved.

When was the last time you tested your backups?

Despite best efforts there are still some security issues that simply spread too fast requiring you to restore from backups. To ensure recovery is going to work we take steps up front during onboarding to develop and maintain recovery plans for your IT systems. This preventative measure is critical in the event a new security risk that has yet to be discovered impacts you. These recovery plans ensure that not only can we restore whatever you need whenever you require it but also ensure that recovery can be done in a timeline you require so that critical systems can be available rather than waiting days for restoration.

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