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Our Approach


Business continues to evolve and expand. Work is done in the office, at home, while travelling, and while relaxing. Technology has the world connected more than ever before and the tools your business uses to conduct business are constantly changing. It's important that your IT support enables your team to be productive while doing their important work regardless of where they happen to be.

Remind me again, who's the customer?

Most of us can recall a time where a lack of support slowed our work down or even prevented us from being able to respond to that important client need, to approve that invoice, to collaborate on that last minute update to a presentation, or just to send a simple email.

Support on your terms

We at Summit specialize in delivering support that enables you to get your work done.  We tailor our support offerings to meet your needs whether it’s regular onsite visits, occasional ad hoc support,  remote support offerings or a mixture of all of those.


We want to ensure that your team has the help they need, when they need it, where they need it.


We are strong supporters of helping fix issues in person where it makes sense and supplement with remote support the rest of the time.

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